Organic Shampoos

Organic Shampoos

Everyone wants to have healthy and lustrous hair. For ages people have experimented with different products to enhance the look, beauty and appeal of the hair. Both men and women have gone to great lengths to make their hair lustrous and beautiful. Not to mention the amount of money they have been willing to pay to get the kind of hair many would love to have.

The science of skincare and haircare is an ancient one. But only in recent times with the advancement of science and technology has the science of haircare been progressed greatly.

History of Haircare and Shampoo

Shampoos have been one of the basic and dominant products in the science of haircare. It’s being believed that shampoos originated in India. Around 1500s people in the Indian subcontinent were known to use the pulp of soapberries. They combined it with Herbs and hibiscus flowers to make shampoos. Around the same time, the Britishers started entering into and trading with India and they came to know about this particular product being used for hair care and introduced the idea of shampooing the hair to the Europeans.

In recent decades, more and more people have become beauty conscious. Obviously, they would look to every area of their body including hair, to enhance their appeal.

Naturally, shampoos would be the basic product in the area of haircare.

During all these centuries and especially since the past some decades shampoo makers have experimented with different ingredients to give the user desired results. But many of the shampoos involved chemicals that were cheap but harmful. Some even did more damage than good to the hair.

So it was being felt that using natural substances in the making of such shampoos without any harmful chemicals in it would definitely be better than non-organic ones. It would even deliver what ordinary shampoos could not.

And this is how Organic shampoos came into the market and have become dominant in the beauty industry.

Benefits of Organic Shampoos

The advantage of organic shampoos is that they don’t strip away moisture, they hardly have any side effects, they maintain natural pH balance, they have plenty of beneficial ingredients that are great for the hair etc.

In recent years people have become more and more aware and enthusiastic about organic shampoos.

Various brands have come into markets that make such organic products. We at Lumiseed have decided to do exactly such. We take care of the materials being used to make our shampoos. Our shampoos are 100% organic and our products have shown desired results.

Why not try one for yourself we promise it would get you the desired results.

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