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Elements WELLNESS Wound HEALING Cream 25 gms


Elements Wellness Wound Healing Cream is an externally applied cream for skin care primarily promote wound healing. This is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine. The cream consists of selected herbs and oils along with Jesad. It is specially formulated with M

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lements Wellness Wound Healing Cream is perhaps one of the few skin creams in the market that is endowed with Manjista that makes it useful to diabetic patients. Mixture of Karanj oil, Devadaru oil and Teatree oil provide powerful anti-microbial (antiseptic and anti-infective) benefit. A specially made base with these ingredients and Jesad gives it a barrier property that helps in closing cuts and bruised skin. Applying the cream on bruises, cuts, and wounds helps promote faster skin growth and wound healing. The cream provides moisturizing activity, reduces pus formation and gives a soothing sensation to the site of application. Though it is called a wound healing cream it is useful for applying on to face and cheeks post shaving in men and post beauty treatment in women. Thus it has multiple uses. Close lid of the tube after each use. Avoid touching the tube mouth with potentially infected fingers or prevent come into contact with water. This product is for external use only.


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