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Elements WELLNESS NO Vedana GEL 50 gms


Elements Wellness NO Vedana gel is a proprietary ayurvedic medicine. Elements No Vedana Gel’s 100% Ayurvedic active ingredients not only work on muscular pain but also work on small and large joints. This gel has been specially formulated to provide wide

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This product is meant for joint pain, muscle pain and headaches. It reduces swelling and inflammation, lubricates joints and reduces frozen shoulder pain. No Vedana gel is specially formulated and works by increasing blood flow and reducing local level inflammation. Apply sufficient quantities of gel to the affected part and gently massage. For severe muscular pain or joint pain brisk massage using tolerable levels of pressure can be applied on a case to case basis. Inducing hot fomentation for a few minutes with a hot towel to the affected part before applying gel enhances benefit. For occasional pain, gel may be used singly. For repeated and chronic inflammation and pain use gel externally in combination with No Vedana capsule taken orally. Avoid applying close to eyes and nose, and on broken or open wounds. No Vedana gel should be used for those above 10 years of age.


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